I can highly recommend Marie.   I was 40 years old when I decided to go to University.  I had never been before so it was incredibly difficult to narrow down a particular area for me to study as I have a huge variety of interests.  Once we had narrowed down my long list of career interests, Marie recommended that I do a Foundation Course, which I have just completed.  It gave me the perfect insight into college life.  In September 2014, I will be starting a full time Science degree course in university. 

SC, Female, Age 41, Co. Carlow

Prior to seeking career advice I had a number of manual labour jobs and never thought of enrolling on a University degree course. I had done some volunteer work over the years and the highlight was a six week volunteering trip to Tanzania in 2009. I guess upon my return it got me thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. Asking myself a lot of questions about careers prospects and possible changes, I wasn’t too sure where to turn. I looked up a couple of career advice websites and came across Marie as she was based in the city close to my workplace.

Working with her was a brilliant experience. First off I had never gone through career counselling, so I was naturally a little nervous, not knowing what to expect. However I needn’t have been as she was very warm and calming and made me feel at ease. I completed some online psychometric tests to identify my career interest areas. She then explained what getting into each career area would entail - from the pathway to getting into it (i.e. level of qualifications required) to the possible jobs available in that area. I learned that working with people would be something that really suited me. Having been out of the educational system for 12 years prior to our meeting, she suggested that I firstly attend an access course which is offered in most of the third level institutions. These courses help build your confidence, enable you to get a feel for what college life is all about and let you decide if returning to education is for you. She also put me in touch with some contacts in various colleges and encouraged me to attend college open days.

Today, thanks to the initial help from Marie, who believed in me and instilled a confidence that perhaps I could change my career and in turn my life, I have just finished my first year in UCD where I am studying social science. There have been a few bumps in the road and times when I questioned what I was doing, but receiving my first year exam results and reflecting on the hard work makes it worth it and hopefully in a couple of years I can embark on a successful career as a social worker. This wouldn’t have been possible had I not lifted the phone to Marie…

AD, Male, Age 38, Dublin

I was working in a small office for a number of years and was becoming less and less enthusiastic about my role and my abilities, particularly due to a lack of training and support. This also meant I lacked the confidence to apply for a new job in the type of company I really wanted to work for i.e. a larger reputable organisation where I would have the chance to build on my skills and advance my professional development. After meeting with Marie for interview skills training I am happy to say that I applied for a new job and was successful in my first interview in almost 5 years, for a role I really wanted. I am now training to become a chartered surveyor and due to the social side of this job, my work life balance is also much improved! I wholeheartedly recommend Marie to anyone who needs any assistance with their career development.

Orla, Age 32, Dublin

Before I went to see Marie, I was very confused and did not know where or who to turn to for advice. I was aware I needed to take action but didn't have the "tools" or "know how." After two meetings we had tangible results in the form of a plan of action for my job search. I also had a clearer understanding of my skills and a greater awareness of my strengths which allowed me to consider what career areas and jobs were best suited to me. I am now confidently moving forward, knowing that the right job is just around the corner and I am feeling far more positive and upbeat that I was six months ago. I am now 100% hopeful that I have a bright future in store.

MC, Female, Age 42, Dublin

I had worked in the development education sector for four years, on a voluntary basis for nearly all of that period. I completed a Masters in Development Studies in 2012/2013 in Kimmage Development Studies Centre and had several interviews for different jobs with no success with one employer telling me I had done "a really bad interview." I then went to see Marie to review my CV and then again to prepare for an interview and the advice and help I got was invaluable. I have no doubt that this was the key to my getting the job. I now have a full time job in a sector that is very difficult to get into. Thank you, Marie

GC, Male, Age 28, Co. Louth

After completing my degree in UCD this year, Marie helped me to develop a CV and gave me great advice on entering the career world. Her patience and knowledge made everything far less scary and I cannot thank her enough.

Sinead, Age 22, Dublin